Jelly Jump

Unity3D Game

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1. Android SDK, Available for Windows and Mac (

2. Unity3D v5.3.3f1 or Higher (

3. Blender 3D v2.76 or Higher should be installed on computer (


Press Open button and select Jelly Jump folder.

Go to File - Build Settings (Ctrl + Shift + B)

Press Player Settings from Build Settings window.

In the Inspector panel change Company Name, Product Name.

Press Icon from Settings for Android. Enable Override for Android and select your icon.

Click Other Settings from Inspector panel and write your package name to Bundle Identifier.

Title of game can be changed from Script located at Assets/Scripts/gameManager.cs

just change values of "gameName" Variable.

Background Music can be changed from "Audio Source" component located under "Main Camera" GameObject.

Sound effects can be changed from Sounds Array located under "water" GameObject

To configure your AdMob Banner and Interstitial ID open "gameManager.cs"  script located under "Scripts" folder and change variables listed bellow:

If you want to change AdMob Banner ad position (default bottom) in the same script change the "addmobBannerPosition" variable with "bottom" or "top".

Go to Window - Google Play Games - Setup - Android.

Write your xml information to Resources Definition.

Open "gameManager.cs" located under "Scripts" folder and replace value of "leaderBoardId" Variable with your
Scoreboard ID.

Open "gameManager.cs" located under "Scripts" folder and replace value of "rateUrl" Variable with your
Application URL.